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Happy Almost-Friday!

Hello, fellow LJ'ers! We've nearly survived yet another week in this twisted but cool, sad but wondrous, media-infested but ultimately-able-to-escape-to-our-own-little-happy-place that we call the world.  

It's been a very interesting week. I can't think of anything else to deem it, what with all the chaos that has ensnared us all over the course of the past several days. Let's review...

1.  32 beautiful people and one ugly mute fuckhead dead in school shooting, making it the worst mass murder in U.S. HISTORY. 

2.   I think that nearly 200 people died in Baghdad from Tuesday through today. That is, of course, NOT including however many of 
      our soldiers were used for target practice over the course of those days. 

3.   I had a birthday; yep, re-assessed my life at the not-so-tender age of 37 and have officially decided that I have no romantic 
      prospects, but  for whatever reason, Blake Shelton is looking pretty damn good right now (hey, he keeps telling my radio    
      peeps that he loves me...what the fuck would YOU do???!!!!! Yeah yeah, probably loves me because I buy his CD's...but I 
      digress again <deeper sigh than whenever my last one was>)

4.  George Bush is still a fucking moron that couldn't give a coherent, heartfelt speech if his life depended on it...and boy, would I 
      love to watch THAT reality show (since I don't watch any of the other ones); "George dub-ya will now wow us ALL with an error-
      free speech - that he himself wrote, mind you - without making some stupid fucking face or managing to look like the biggest 
      fucking RETARD on the planet...or else he'll be fed to a pit of crocodiles while we all watch! You're on, dub-ya..." 

5.   Despite all of the above, I am still glad I live in a country where I can call the president a fucking retard without being put in front 
      of a firing squad or getting caned to within an inch of my life; I'm pretty sure that would suck. 

6.   I have found nearly all of the people that used to write to me and tell me they liked MY writing, and I am now speaking to them 
      right here on LJ. Also, LJ does not have an "adult" filter, so I can access it from work and get my HAPPY PLACE on whenever I 

7.   You're reading this right now and HOPEFULLY will still speak to me either tonight or tomorrow. YIPPPEEEE!!!

8.   With any luck, I'll find Jay (from 3Wstop) and be able to add him as a friend so I can read HIS posts. <HINT HINT>

9.   Someday, Goddess Michele will post a new part to a Sk/M story. (Please see below...about reason to live, etc...)

10. Hopefully, Jay will be feeling better in the next few days (poor baby!) and will post Mick's latest chapter(s). I don't know about all 
       of YOU, but for ME that is truly reason enough to go on living...okay, perhaps that's a bit over the top, but I digress again.

Well, there you have it. NO CLUE if this makes any sense, or even if I'm CAPABLE of making sense at this point. It's been a rough week, all told. 

Yja, you saved me with your artwork. 

Mick, even the slightest few paragraphs of your genius are enough to get me through just about anything. 

Michele, hope all your "shows" run smoothly - still wish I could be there to attend...AND maybe even help out!

Tesa, hope you find your Sideshow figures...www.sideshowtoys.com should take you to a place where you can at least look at them...they're wonderfully done works of art in their own rights, and like I said...the Skinner doll RULES!!!

I'd still love to add Jay as my friend, but I haven't spoken to him in so long...he probably doesn't even remember me :0( 

Thank you ALL for your birthday wishes, and your constant support. I still can't tell you how awesome this is, to be a part of this group. Oh wait...I just DID!!


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