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Anything you want to know about ME?

Is there anything that anyone wants to know about me? I was just wondering. I mean, obviously I've now posted my pic here (sort of, though I'm not ordinarily QUITE that jovial) so you know what I look like, and I have my interests on here, and I am delighted that you all have added me as your friend...but is there any burning question about Jvantheterrible that you just HAVE to have the answer to? (Come on, none of you REALLY care - this is a dumb question, right???) I'll answer anything and everything, truly and honestly - with one tiny little catch...I get to ask you one back. Just one, though...you can ask me as many as you like because I'm "new" to LJ and I'll answer them all. I promise, just as long as I get to ask ONE back.

Thanks for my birthday wishes AND the artwork! Still slaving away on "Home On The Range" - the boys are getting a dog...unless I decide to start all over again with this chapter - it's been happening for 3 months, you just never know. 

All of you be well...I can't stand to watch the news anymore and I really don't want to bring up all that ugliness, so I'll just leave this entry here and now - and hope to hear back from all of you soon.

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