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My newest fic...A Home On The Range

Okay, so here's the deal. I've been writing fanfic for....umm...awhile now. I am trying to write what I am HOPING is going to be the last chapter of my most current story, "A Home On The Range". This is, of course, assuming that Skinner has retired to the Sonoran Desert (hey, that's where I live now...hmmmmmm) where Fox comes to try and hook up with his ex-boss - i.e. the unrequited love of his life - and so on and so forth. Now, this is not by any MEANS the best thing I've ever written. IMHO, my "A Taste of Life" series (nominated for Wirerims some years ago, actually - wink wink nudge nudge) is my best. But I am SOOO trying to get back into the swing of things Fanfic-wise. If anyone has a spare 1/2 hour, I would SO appreciate an honest reply or two about what I'm writing, and how I'm doing, and if anything I'm putting down on virtual paper has ANY merit whatsoever. I love writing, but I constantly question myself...am I good enough? Are my stories well-written, or just crap? 

I've always wanted to be in the same league as Mick and the Goddess - I know there is NO WAY IN HELL I'll ever be able to compete w/Xanthe and her novels - but I really want to know if I have ANY talent whatsoever, or should I just quit writing? I want to know from the people that MATTER - i.e. YA'LL - and I am so going to be pulling an 'old yeller' scenario with my final chapter of HOTR and should I even bother??? I LOVE Mick's & Michele's writing - even if the latest installment of BDAF was wayyyyy too short and PISSED ME OFF IMMENSELY (Come on, I want CLOSURE!!!!), I ACHE to read more from my favorite authors. 

If anyone wants to read what I've done so far, honest opinions and Friend add-ons (or deletions, should the case be) will be welcomed. I know Mick writes a LOT and doesn't read much fic, but I would SWOON AND DROOL FOR REAL if I could get some sort of opinion. 

I like to think of myself of SOMEWHAT of an avid writer/reader of Fanfic, though it's been so hard since XF went off-air...I still love the characters and will do whatever I can to keep them going in SOME fashion. 

Thanks for letting me be a part of your virtual Living Room (Love you Michele, and thanks for the 'Hey', Mick!), and I look forward to your criticisms...constructive or otherwise. 

Love you guys, 


P.S. Trust01, hope you make the best toast EVER! Sprinkle on some cinnamon for me...you ROCK!

         Michele, thank you for adding me as a friend...I've been re-reading ALL of your fic lately...LOVE YOU!

         Mick: I'm a greedy Aries, okay? I've read and re-read and re-read AGAIN everything you've written (Sk/M, but still) and I will NEVER EVER EVER get enough of your writing. You could copy Rowling for YEARS and I would NEVER find enough time to read and re-read and re-read all of your fic. I adore you...and your "little dog, too"!!!!!  (And yes, I'm stealing your sign-off because it's brilliant to respond to all your "peeps" before you head off!

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