jvantheterrible (jvantheterrible) wrote,


Good afternoon, boys and boys - I mean girls!! Sorry, I've had a very busy RL these last several days and my bday is today. Got Yja's artwork - great googly-moogly that is IMPRESSIVE!! If it's okay with you, can I post that on the Skinner Sanctum? 

Mick,  hell YES I'm still here...and still chomping at the bit for more, More, MORE!!! 

Michele, I've been re-reading all your work (and yours too, Tesa!) and I am JUST NOW cheering up today. Woke up blue...what's better for that than LJ and my TRUE soulmates here online??!!! NOTHING (except Blake Shelton calling and that is just SOOO not happening...)

I will be on later this evening because I have things I want to say but I am at work right now and thank you all so much for being...here.

Love you guys.

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