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Miknutia, etc...

Miknutia, etc...
2007-03-28 04:27 am UTC (link) DeleteTrack This

I just wanted to tell you that your writing means the world to me. For YEARS...literally, as long as I've been writing, I've been reading along with your characterizations of Sk/M, and you've kept me afloat through SO many hard times in my life.

I knew you had been ill...and I know that you are still fighting the big "C", and I want you to know that I am O+ and if there is ANY part of me that could possibly help you, I would willingly and freely give it to you, just as you've given of yourself, and your conscience, and your soul - through your stories.

I am not trying to come off sounding anything other than completely sincere, as you have given me SO much more these last several years.

I've been near death myself a couple of times over the past decade - no thanks to depression coupled with the takers of the universe that find the givers in all of us and drain us dry - and sometimes, it's only the merest grin I could glean from Choices Cost, or Little Things, or...whatever...that I could go back to and read that gave me what I needed to even WANT to open my eyes up one more day. More importantly, it's the cleansing sobbing that said stories (along with Big Deals, of course) allow me in my moments of weakness - or maybe those are MY moments of strength, afforded me by you.

That is the power that you give to ALL of us...or perhaps it's just me, feeling a little more than melancholy after reading your latest post...through your brain, your imagination, your innate POWER that you alone wield with your mighty keystrokes. For all of that, I am forever grateful, and will always be.

Once again, thank you for directing me here to LJ, where I might be able to share a little of my own soul (whether anyone wants to read it or not) with you, and the peers that I now, moreso than ever, deem above most humans that I know on a daily basis.

There are no panicked parents, no STUPID FUCKING BLONDES, no ego-centric boys in power (only due to their so-called "titles", mind you), no one that really wants to hurt or drag you down in any way, shape or form.

This is a TRUE community of people that share MY interests, and MY intelligence level, and I am BLESSED to have found this tiny corner of the universe that allows me to express myself AS I AM. NO HOLDS BARRED. I CAN SAY WHAT I WANT...AND WHAT I WANT TO SAY RIGHT NOW IS MICK, YOU HAVE SAVED MY LIFE SEVERAL TIMES THESE LAST SEVERAL YEARS.I WILL DO WHATEVER I CAN TO PAY YOU BACK...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all that you do.

Okay, I'm done. Think I'll go make some toast now (Yay Susan...)

Love you Mick...SO not kidding,

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